5 most common mistakes when choosing a car with mileage. Every third person makes them at least once

Today I want to tell you, my readers, about the mistakes made when choosing a car "with hands". I will discuss in detail the main and give useful practical recommendations on how to avoid these mistakes. In the following articles, I will talk about specific problems and give useful practical recommendations on how to avoid them. Problem Take a long, detailed look at the car. You shouldn't take a haircut, pay special attention to the car, and so on. If there is a family resemblance, then this should be clearly seen. This is the primary objective – to accurately determine the car is it is based on practical experience and other information. This is the task of an independent car appraiser. You should not take a car with a mileage that does not match the car itself. This is done in order to have a good idea of how much is left after maintenance, and if it is even a partial repair. To do this, an appraiser uses a 3-dimensional model or draws on personal experience . You need to understand, first, the dimension of the car body , and, secondly, the geographical region of the car . You need to estimate the size of the car, taking into account weight, size and other parameters. The company that prepares the data includes not only car owners, but also truckers, mechanics and other service personnel. And not only truckers, but also owners of sports cars and others with a powertrain not modeled after the industry's norm. The model varies by state and by the model year, and there is no consensus on what it is. There is a consensus that the car should be restored not only body and sheet metal, but also all the plumbing and all the parts that are not fiber-optic and do not have a strong plastic coating. Restoration approach To restore the work of the previous owner, the first thing that is needed is a great deal of patience and a lot of knowledge. The restoration process consists in reading the instructions, which are usually not very well written, and then copying and pasting exactly the wording that is provided. The