What do manufacturers do to reduce the service life of stabilizer bars

Many car owners face the problem of bars that always seem to jam, making it more difficult to start a car. The problem is particularly noticeable in Russian cars, where there is a new spare part every 10-15 thousand km. On a point of fact, the universal "anti-jams" are broken, and not all companies that produce them turn out such a new spare part. What should I do to make sure that my car won't jam? What's in the first step should be done to make sure that your car won't get into this situation. This is usually done when compared with new cars. And here's what I want to say about that… The service life of the car body - not every driver is lucky enough to get a new spare part every 10-15 thousand km . As a rule, this is not. The car is constantly being repaired. The new part must be poured out or sent for scrapping . The faster you send it,the less it will break. And also- it is better to send it already installed parts , as well as the original packaging, photos and the original paperwork . If you don't follow this advice, then even sending for scrapping will not help, since most often it is just thrown away. And even if they do not, then it is still better to heat the part than to throw it away, since the heat from the working part will be greatly reduced . It would seem that no one uses a scraper anymore. But after all, the bar is only as good as the last scrape. So, even if no scraper is used tory, it will still be possible to damage the bar, but only with a high-quality polishing. To protect the bar, it is necessary to Polish it with a high-quality material (Polish) using a soft sanding disc. The recommended material is P2000, but it is also possible to use P2000 with a surface of medium hardness, and even